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( December 18, 2015 ) HOTTEST GOOGLE NEWS TODAY: Google will start indexing HTTPS pages first!

Zineb Ait Bahajji has just announced that starting today, Google will be indexing HTTPS pages first before the HTTP version Read More

( December 14, 2015 ) Social Media Trend That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 3

There are tons of social media platforms out there but what most of us do not know that aside from Read More

( December 11, 2015 ) Social Media Trends That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 2

  Just like its predecessor, this blog article shall discuss another social media trend that shall prove useful in enlightening Read More

( December 10, 2015 ) Social Media Trends That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 1

Many people enjoyed the perks of setting up a social media account, but what most netizens do not know is Read More

( December 9, 2015 ) 20 Most Instagrammed Places In The World

Hello chaps! Since the week is already ending and the holiday season is the best time of the year to Read More

( December 8, 2015 ) Bing Image Releases Their “Places To Buy” Feature for the Holidays

Bing one of the major players in the search engine industry releases new image search features that enables netizens to Read More

( December 7, 2015 ) Google Recently Updated Adwords Android App In Including Video Efforts Online

Business advertisers may now monitor their online video efforts and perform the necessary bid and funds modifications through the recent Read More

( December 4, 2015 ) Two Ways To Use Pinterest As A Powerful SEO Tool

Pinterest is becoming one of the most popular online bookmarking sites, however, do you also know that you can use Read More

( December 3, 2015 ) Facebook And Google App Indexing Joined Forces To Attract Visitors To Facebook’s App

    It appears that shedding of some of their protective layers helped Facebook to gain more online traffic. Currently Read More

( December 2, 2015 ) Android Marshmallow And Its Single-Gesture Search Behavior In Google Mobile

    Google Online’s major search engine company and operating system innovator in mobile devices have recently introduced their newest Read More

( December 1, 2015 ) Google Now And Google Adwords Tests their Joint Nearby Reminders For Users

Recently Google have spent lots of online innovation to all our netizens worldwide and just recently they have made another Read More



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