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3 Reasons Why Google Favors Responsive Sites

Three Reasons why Google Favors Responsive Sites  

Google is slowly changing the way netizens use the internet. We are recently seeing desktop browsers slowly phasing out while making way for the more utilized mobile browsers. Although desktop browsers are still widely used, the attention that Google gives to it is not that significant compared to other browsers. Currently, Google is inspecting how mobile responsive websites are and based on its result, they will weigh its searchability through mobile devices.

Recent online effort made by Google is an important cue to our web developers today, to fashion websites that are mobile-responsive or universally responsive to all kinds of browsers and electronic devices that access the World Wide Web. Google’s motivation in doing this is three-fold which we will be elaborating here further. Before we discuss the reasons behind mobile optimization of websites, you must understand that these actions are part of the online innovation that Google wants to implement that shall serve as benchmark for future websites that is going to be created so users can enjoy browsing with utmost convenience.

Three Reasons    

First Reason: They want to make way for mobile-ready websites.

Moving on, the first reason that Google have for favoring responsive websites in their ranking, is they want to gradually call out websites that are still using Flash and make way for those that are already optimized or, in simpler terms, virtually appealing mobile-friendly websites.  Google said that they will reward mobile-optimized websites by boosting their ranking especially in searches made using mobile browsers.

Second Reason: They wish developers to update websites and support the modern iframe embed method for incorporating videos.

Second, Google wishes to have web developers to update websites that they are supporting to the modern iframe embed method as part of their standards in incorporating videos. As part of their guidelines, they suggest that websites should avoid contents that make use of Flash Player which proves to be a nuisance for mobile users.

Third Reason: They want users to use the internet more comfortably.

Lastly, and most importantly, they want to make users more comfortable in browsing using their portable gadgets or smartphones especially those who have bigger fingers.  In Google’s perspective, a website needs to position links that are adequately far from each other so that it may be easy to tap.

As part of Local Top Rank’s expertise, we will see to it that the website’s that you will be having with us are made to the standards that Google requires so we can ensure your online presence to be persistently apparent in their first page. After all, getting a website and utilizing online resources proves to be one of the most efficient way of marketing your brand as well as advertise everything that you offer. And if there will be updates that Google will once again implement, we will keep you posted and expect the best quality for your website.


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