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3 Things About The New Alphabet That You Need To Know

  1. Alphabet is a new company found by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.To those who are not yet aware, Google-founders Page and Brin, have recently announced last August 10, that they are going to create a new company named Alphabet. Page has written an open letter for everyone to read at abc.xyz, announcing the move.  The letter gives a limited view, but it brewed a lot of excitement in the online world, not to mention a few jokes.  Not everyone is convinced with the change though. Forbes Contributor, Curtis Silver, mentioned in an article that “Alphabet has nothing to do with us. The users. Nothing at all really”- claiming that we’re barking at the wrong tree, getting all hyped about a re-structure which companies do all the time. He then suggests in the article that people should be vigilant about “Google’s first major move towards global control of all data”, as he shares an email sent to him.

  2. Alphabet will serve as an umbrella company, parenting Google, and not the other way around.With Google’s seniority, it’s not easy to get confused and just say the new company is Google’s Alphabet. And who can blame anyone? What with all the headlines quoting “Google’s Alphabet”, in Harvard’s Business Review, CNet, BBC, and more. But do not get confused about this. Alphabet is not a new company under Google. In fact, it’s the other way around. Alphabet will serve as a new umbrella company with Google being just one of its many branches. The move, as discussed by Page, is to reorganize the current arrangement. Google is first, a search company. However, we also know that it owns a lot of non-search related endeavors like the research facilities Calico and X lab. The change aims to free Google from its other responsibilities allowing the separate facilities to turn into their own companies - each with its own CEO.

  3. What is Alphabet’s effect on SEO?None so far. Really. From the information that Page has provided us so far, our team at Local Top Rank has not seen anything that could trigger a drastic change on the way Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. Google will still remain as the top search engine that we’ve come to know and love (not to mention that the Google branch would still own YouTube and Android). Yet, we do not erase the possibility that this major corporate set-up will start some major changes soon (because we’re sure it will!). For now, all we can do is wait for Page’s next announcement – or just be surprised at the sudden change. Either way, the Local Top Rank SEO Team will always tune in to these changes to ensure our clients' websites' high rankings.

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