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A Quick Guide In Listening To Podcasts

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Listening to podcasts often proves to be difficult to do, it’s a shame though because listening to them is actually great since most of their contents are well-thought of and are tastefully themed. Aside from that podcasts are free which makes it somewhat frustrating. Hence, we have decided to help you out with some quick guides in listening to podcasts through your iPhone/Pad, Android device, and in your computer unit.

On iPhone/Pad

The good news is if you have an iOS enabled device with you are already entitled to have a free podcast-listening application in your device handy. However if you strongly feel that you want to listen to podcasts in your device we would like you to try a free application that is way more easier to use and way more dynamic than what Apple use. The application that we are talking about is Overcast. In order for you to find a show through it, tap on the plus icon located on the upper-right corner of the screen and pick from the categories and/or subject that you gets your interest. Recent podcasts in iTunes are immediately added to Overcast’s directory and they are instantly downloadable. If you’re already subscribed to several podcasts you may go ahead and create a playlist containing your favorite podcast according to the line-up of the shows that you want to listen to in relation to the mood or theme that you want to manifest while listening to them. Furthermore, you are allowed to set a sleeper timer through Overcast with the help of its “Playback” menu, or you may also twist how fast a certain episode play within the “Effects” menu.

On Android

If you are an Android user, we highly recommend that you make use of Pocket Casts for $4. Compared to the perks that you will get in listening to podcast through it is worth every penny. Pocket Cast includes several functionalities like the dial icon where lets you to adjust its playback speed, the Zzz button responsible for the setting-up of the sleep timer. If you happen to have multiple devices where you want to listen to podcasts, you may create an account with Pocket Cast in order to synchronize your subscriptions while having the capacity to move forward from where you have paused in an episode. This application is not only available for android devices but they can also work with iOS enabled devices.

On Your Computer

Most people opt to make use of desktop application such as iTunes as an option in subscribing to podcasts. If you are in the iTunes Store you may simply hit on the large “Music” word in order to get a list of options where you can find “Podcasts”. From that point you may hit on any show or lists of episodes that you want to listen to. One of the good feature of iTunes is that you may linger your cursor over an episode on that page and hit the Play button so you may view an episode. However if you want to make the most of it we would suggest that you subscribe into them so you may stream or download the latest podcast’s episodes as soon as they are available with an ease.

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