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A Quick Look Into The Nature Of UX And UI

A quick look into the nature of UX and UI   For lots of people UX and UI have been an entirely technical jargon that has been use in the industry for more than a decade. And if you would chance to overhear them used in a conversion you won’t help but to feel a surge of sudden childish curiosity from adults’ private discourse. They provide an air sophistication for the majority, however if you would only know their true form or meaning if you prefer; they convey a rather simple embodiment of a  holistic function both inside and outside of the online industry. Hence, the purpose of this post is to bring a nibble of learning about the true definition of what a UX and UI is.

The Anatomy Of An Online Experience


User Experience

UX and UI are both vital elements in creating diverse sorts of product or services online. A perfect description of what UX and UI do is the anatomical physiology of the human body, UX or also known as User Experience Design is like our body’s system of organs that performs tasks that are responsible for synchronizing and optimizing systemic function together with a sound coding that serves as its framework. UI or user Interface design serves as websites over all beautification or presentation as well as its sensitivity and reaction.


User Interface

In A Nutshell How Do UX And UI Works?

UX Design compared to UI Design is relevantly more technical and analytical; it is used to achieve an excellent customer experience through a website’s user-friendliness, convenient use, and dynamic interaction. UX covers all sorts of interactions from recurring or potential customer to a service provider, research, content, development, and testing. It is somewhat related to what back-end online professionals do.

UI Design on the other hand is focused on the translation of results from UX and layout it beautifully and dynamically for a holistic user experience. It is its job to transferring business strength and aesthetic into an interactive interface that aims to improve user experience. You may even consider it just like what front-end web developers, content writers, and graphic designers do combined into one.

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