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Android Marshmallow And Its Single-Gesture Search Behavior In Google Mobile


Google Online’s major search engine company and operating system innovator in mobile devices have recently introduced their newest Android operating system called “Marshmallow” along with its numerous features that makes our mobile experience better. Amongst its many features is the so called “Single-Gesture Search Behavior” which we find here in Local top Rank pretty compelling since it is mainly used for doing mobile browsing, being a company specializing in search engine optimization we would delve a little bit deeper into this function giving you an understanding on how this feature works.

Single-Gesture Search Behavior

The single-gesture search behavior is a mobile browsing ability where you can long tap on a word/phrase from any page in Google Chrome via mobile in order to perform a search. Google haven’t officially announced the update yet, but the feature’s availability can be felt through Google Chrome on Android, Android Marshmallow, and a similar feature found from stock operating system applications like Mail.

Moreover, single-gesture search behavior from the search engine company’s point of view they want all information to be relevant and serves as potential search queries. Through this innovation Google utilizes the possibility of chain inquiries for a better mobile browsing since not all mobile devices are privy with a keyboard. This manner of commencing searches boosts users into performing more on their mobile devices.

With this kind of advancement initiated by Google, our netizens shall enjoy a lot more convenient mobile browsing experience. Local Top Rank would like to be part of this new mobile movement and shall endeavor in incorporating it in our mobile optimization efforts. Google never failed to surprise us with such highly useful innovations from time to time and as part of the SEO community like we shall provide you more information about this feature.

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