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Bing Finally Unveils Their Mobile-Friendly-Testing Tool


Bing recently announced the launching of their very own mobile-friendly testing tool called Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool, precisely one year after Google their competitor launched theirs. This tool was promised by Bing to be released May of this year, while they were stating that they are also working on building their own mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. However due to its technicality it was expected that the launching of it may be delayed.

Furthermore, the tool evaluates a sound page checking system wherein it checks if a certain website is mobile friendly based on its: zoom control configuration, viewport calibration, the width of its page content, use of plug-ins that aren’t compatible for mobile browsers, link spacing and spacing of other elements of the page, and the readability of text in mobile. Capture

Although haven’t officially announced the release of their mobile-friendly algorithm, it is expected to come in the near future. For more information on this you may visit their own blog post about this by clicking here.

Indeed, the SEO industry is very much competitive and almost monthly (in this case annually) big changes occur in every competing SEO institutions. Local Top Rank being one of the proud budding SEO institutions in the SEO industry shall keep a vigilant watch upon this matter for all the netizens and our clientele. We shall post the updates as soon as we get news about it. Cheerio mates! Enjoy your browsing!

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