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Bing Image Releases Their “Places To Buy” Feature for the Holidays

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Bing one of the major players in the search engine industry releases new image search features that enables netizens to compare products, prices, as well as some recommendations based upon the result of some most favored images. If we maybe more liberate, we believe that what the search engine company did is perfect for this year’s most crowded shopping weekend(s).

By launching their new image search they provide us comprehensive pictures of products, retailers and prices, as well as reviews/ratings where you will be given some commentary suggestions for an excellent gift suited for your love ones. In these image search feature Bing aims to bring the netizens a more comfortable way of finding the stuffs that they need to complete their Christmas shopping list(s).

With the said feature netizens may click on the shopping cart sign inside the Bing image interface in order to locate their “Places To Buy Beta”. Alongside it the search engine company is launching an image stream service where users are granted the ability make recommendations on the product they love. Moreover, in the earlier part of this year Bing enabled netizens to save images by clicking a heart button annexed to the image; not only that by clicking the said button users may also “favorite” the said image while saving it. In connection to the recently launched “Places To Buy” feature netizens may go ahead and utilize the image stream service to look for akin products on their collected saved pictures of it and make intelligent comparison of its specifications.

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