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Social Media Stars Joins The Amazing Race Season 28

Just recently, CBS’ Amazing Race 28 casted teams that are consisted by several social media stars from different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and many more; We admit that this is a very exciting time for the SEO and the entire online community since through this reality Read More


A Quick Guide In Listening To Podcasts

Listening to podcasts often proves to be difficult to do, it’s a shame though because listening to them is actually great since most of their contents are well-thought of and are tastefully themed. Aside from that podcasts are free which makes it somewhat frustrating. Hence, we have decided to help Read More


Looking For Holiday Parties? Facebook Launches Their Events Discovery!

Are you looking for social gatherings to attend to during the holidays? Then you might want to sign-up for a Facebook account, as they launch their newest feature: Events Discovery! Well, with the current number of Facebook nation, we won’t be surprised if you are already a Facebook user. Given Read More


Facebook Recently Launched Their Messenger Application For Work

  Facebook the leading social media network recently rolled out their new customized messenger for work. The said application is considered an expansion of Facebook for businesses and the likes. This application is a business platform that has been duly tested aiding workmates to interactively collaborate for a more effective Read More


How ISIS Use Social Media Sites Like Instagram To Their Advantage

We do not know if we are going glad or not that social media sites provides open and non-discriminating environment where people around the world may enjoy socializing online since recently we heard that the so called terrorist group ISIS and its sympathizers are widely using it to send message Read More


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