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“YouTube Voice” A Powerful Tool For An Effective Video Campaign Online

Good day Chaps! As part of our celebration of the holiday season, we have endeavored in finding useful facts that can serve as empowerment of your current and future online ventures. Tso far in our search we found a very interesting topic that most of us are not aware of. Read More


New Penguin Algorithm Update Will Be Launched In 2016

As per Google webmasters and SEO experts should be a bit more patient, since it appears that the New Penguin Algorithm Update might be released in 2016. It is a known fact that the entire online community and SEO companies are a bit excited about the major search engine company’s Read More


HOTTEST GOOGLE NEWS TODAY: Google will start indexing HTTPS pages first!

Zineb Ait Bahajji has just announced that starting today, Google will be indexing HTTPS pages first before the HTTP version of a website. This means that if your website has two versions, the HTTPS will be the one that will be shown. Hence, to explain it further, when Google discovers Read More


Social Media Trend That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 3

There are tons of social media platforms out there but what most of us do not know that aside from the famous ones such as Facebook and Twitter there are others who might outgrew them due to their growing popularity actually two of those three social media platforms that we Read More


Social Media Trends That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 2

  Just like its predecessor, this blog article shall discuss another social media trend that shall prove useful in enlightening us into the other useful untapped resources for spreading information that public communicators should consider. With no further ado Local shall now discuss on how In-applications in social media platforms Read More


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