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Facebook And Google App Indexing Joined Forces To Attract Visitors To Facebook’s App


It appears that shedding of some of their protective layers helped Facebook to gain more online traffic. Currently the social media platform shoot up their SEO stratagem through Google App Indexing to make sure that it carry on to acquire traffic as the mobile movement endures.

Facebook finally allowed the leading search engine company to catalogue some of their contents from 2007. Through this joint effort Facebook allows Google to read all the content that was catalogued as long as when users browse these pages and their respective contents they should also appear in Google’s search results.

It is however believed by SEO/Search Engine Optimization experts that this joint effort made by Google and Facebook brings tons of advantages for them both; the search engine company will get more content that will undeniably meet what our netizens would look for, while the social media company can enjoy continues traffic for free. Although Google App Indexing wouldn’t increase the number of content, however the aim have already served its purpose by making sure that people that are searching for the existing indexed content from the social media site within Google’s search page may have a better mobile browsing prowess.

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