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Facebook Paid Privacy Hoax Strikes Back!

facebook paid privacy hoax

The Facebook Hoax

This Facebook post has been rampantly bugging netizens news feeds worldwide victimizing unsuspecting honest-to-goodness users that do not wish to have their personal information exploited. What is sad about this issue is that it is bogus after another bolloxed up idea of causing panic amongst all users, and worst even staining the good name of our beloved social media, of course if you are going to see this post the first reaction that you are going to manifest utter distress since most of online users dedicate time to post everything that is happening in their daily life and some businesses just like Local Top Rank who links their clients in this social media platform in order to aid them in introducing their brand to the world with their dynamic and informative websites. Facebook published posts are even considered by some as their lifework or their source of living. So in a nut shell, getting this kind of message on your news feed is like a ticking time bomb that threaten the security of your interest if you fail to act quickly and force you to pay for your safety if by happenstance you weren’t aware of the news’ existence (assumingly this news is even true).

To us this smells like a bloody conspiracy that aims not only to cause worry but also a parasitic travesty. So in order to discover the possible agenda behind this post, Local Top Rank’s team of content writers and seasoned SEO experts conducted a brief investigation about the issue, aiming to enlighten the masses give them the peace of mind through this blog article.

The Facebook Hoax-2

According to Helena Horton of the esteemed website of The Telegraph UK in her article about the above mentioned news feed that by copying and pasting a Facebook status will not affect the stature of your account. After all, before Facebook can go live in the world wide web it have already set a well versed and informative sets of Terms of Use that indicates the scope and limitations of their services that held you responsible for any posts that you make as well as the relative safety measures that is applied on your account. She also mentioned that it is emphasized on their guidelines that “Facebook does own everything you post on the social media network, until you delete your account.”-Helena Horton.

"Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information they post, as stated in our terms. They control how that content and information is shared. That is our policy, and it always has been."-Facebook

For more information, you can visit the Facebook’s Privacy Policy here.

Moreover, another article was posted by Stuart Dredge in the beta site The Guardian wherein he wrote a statement in behalf of Facebook disputing the alleged false newsfeed on the privacy settings of netizens accounts. Dredge mentioned that Facebook is not going to make users pay $5.99 to keep their account private; and that Facebook’s safety setting remains unadulterated as well as earlier this year they are trying to fight this kind of ill occurrences by fixing their news-feed algorithm in order to clamp down all fraudulent and misleading posts.

Finally, after intensive discussion about the matter with our SEO experts we found that we are, in way right to be skeptic about its nature. It’s like every word in the statement are somewhat formed to force people to repost the message no matter what happens. We sense there is a possibility that this is a form of black-hat propaganda to earn profits by flooding the social media platform with its content. Like an annoying inorganic Facebook post made with satire contents.

As part of the SEO community it is our moral obligation to keep you informed about the latest happenings in this competitive industry as well as protect the interest your interest through our services and products online. We will keep vigilant watch over this issue and post any update regarding this matter.

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