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Facebook’s Latest: The Dawn Of The New Mobile Ads

new Facebook Ads

Here is the latest in the world of advertising this week: the launch of the new Facebook mobile ads! Though it is still in its early testing stage, a few advertisers already have this ad format. These are Gatorade (as seen in the blog banner), Michael Kors, Mr. Porter, and Carrefour Spain.

A Foretelling…

The launch is not a big surprise to everyone, since Facebook has already given us a sneak peek of this new ad format at the advertising industry’s annual Cannes Lions event last June in France. Take a look at the video below to see the new format.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihKBW3_n3k8

Keeping You On Facebook

The new ad looks different (not to mention, way better) from the sponsored posts within News Feed.  It looks like a regular post at first, but once you click on it, it opens up to a full screen that contains high-quality content like short articles, pictures, and videos. It has the feel and vibe of a mini website.

The move is in line with Facebook’s vision to host data to keep people logged in instead of driving traffic to other sites. Here are a few pieces of evidence elsewhere on Facebook: Even earlier this year, the social media giant has started hosting articles from other sites like National Geographic and Buzzfeed on their “Instant Articles” Program; and upcoming, Facebook has already made announcements on their upcoming shop pages which allow retailers to create mini e-commerce sites.

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