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Blog  >>  “GOOGLE Maps See Everything”- A Google Maps Street View Compilation Of Weird Images Caught On Cam.

“GOOGLE Maps See Everything”- A Google Maps Street View Compilation Of Weird Images Caught On Cam.


It has been a wide spread hearsay that “Google can see everything”, and at first most of us find that notion completely ridiculous that we laugh about it over our tea-time. But due to our time’s modern advancements it has been more apparent that information dissemination has been a boon due to the dawn of information technology through the World Wide Web. It’s as if that our world is growing smaller and that a single happening that occurred in a certain location can now be observed through numerous platforms globally.

With that being said, we are already starting to feel that our personal life is not anymore privy only to ourselves. From the most complex up to the simplest things that occur to our daily life can now be monitored online, it’s either you initiate the posting of it or a certain stranger caught it on cam and uploaded it online. Once its uploaded there is no turning back, it already goes viral and all searches of that information shall be registered to all search engines making the saying “Google can see everything” real.

Recently, this year Google have initiated a 360o optical street view applied to their Map search giving you a live perspective of what the location of what we are searching for looks like. What we do not know is that the search engine company randomly swoops down our roads taking pictures of everything in order to provide us with a comprehensive look on its surrounding. Although their aim is strictly for the benefit of our online community, yet they have unknowingly(?) took some images that are rather unexpected, like a blooper in our favorite comedy themed celluloid during its credits; like a woman in the Netherlands where she was caught by Google’s camera doing her stuff along the Chirurgijnhof street in the town of Almere,


a supposed pregnant woman giving birth in Germany,


the enigmatically famous “Horse Boy” that have gone viral online from numerous social media platforms,


suspected heroine dealers in a particular joint in one of New York’s network of streets,


and the topless couple sun bathing in Mexico.


We might find the images surprisingly hilarious, and of course most of them are caused by people who are rather careless in utilizing public spaces, but just like what was mentioned in the previous paragraphs once something is posted online regardless of its medium there is a huge possibility of it going viral, and what’s worse is that there is a bigger chance of these images going to be immortalized for generations to come. In our belief it is sorely worrisome because we are talking about the biggest search engine company who has access to all our information online, posting high definition images of us without our consent, like sending drones for the purpose of spying on us, although in all fairness Google made some efforts in blurring the images taken as much as they can in order to save its subjects from further embarrassment, but the fact that they have waited for the netizens to notice those images instead of double checking them before applying it to their program is somewhat problematic and utterly irresponsible.

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