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Google Now And Google Adwords Tests their Joint Nearby Reminders For Users


Recently Google have spent lots of online innovation to all our netizens worldwide and just recently they have made another online effort wherein two of their platforms collaborated in making user locating of their favored business establishment to be easily located as well as set a reminder  whenever they are near it. By tapping a Google Adwords ad extension, Google Now shall trigger a reminder for their users to visit the store that have advertised with the search engine company to visit the store whenever they are near the area.

This innovative online effort made by the major search engine company shall benefit both the Google Now users and the respective merchants that have advertised with Google. Users who found the establishment that have advertised with Google pleasing and wants to visit them again may benefit from it since they will have the opportunity to be directed to them with detailed instruction on how to get to the place or Google may direct them to another branch of that establishment that is near their current location. Moreover, based on our observation and trial of this online joint set up of Google Adwords and Google Now business owners that have chosen to advertise with Google may reach their patrons and loyal customers regularly with their browsers, giving them sounder exposure for their brand online, and of course an increased in the percentage of increasing ones return of investment due to a good marketing strategy.

Google indeed made another awesome perks to the entire online community. We believe here in Local Top Rank that the search engine company holds true to their word of giving us the most efficient, convenient, and dynamic solutions to our online experience. Being a proud member of the SEO community that also shares the aspiration of Google we shall endeavor in providing you further updates on the result of this collaborative testing effort by Google.

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