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Google Recently Updated Adwords Android App In Including Video Efforts Online


Business advertisers may now monitor their online video efforts and perform the necessary bid and funds modifications through the recent Adwords App update for Android. The recent update for video ads campaign reflects the recent modifications in the Adwords user interface. With this changes advertisers may now perceive their video campaign’s numbers, which includes the frequency of views, impressions, with its respective scorecards, etc.

Aside from that Google also made some minor adjustments which yields an additional convenience for everyone; wherein when users include an existing account to the application, it leads users directly to the Google sign-in page, which we believe improve its setting up process.

As we have mentioned in our previous blog posts and articles we have observed that Google has been tirelessly improving our user experience. And as part of their implemented changes, Adwords application is gradually being improved by the search engine company by filling up more substance into it. And as we always say, we shall keep a watchful eye on the upcoming changes and improvements that Google shall implement. Of course here at Local Top Rank we will enthusiastically share all the updates we shall collect so we may keep you on the loop on the latest trends in the SEO industry. Cheerio!

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