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Google Reprimands Sites Using Doubtful Mobile-Based Redirects


Google the leading search engine company across the world just had enough of reprimanding web masters who are utilizing dirty and sneaky mobile-based link redirects, and are now going to be hereby penalized. Way back April 2014, the search engine company have already expressed their dismay about these issues and have warned webmasters globally to take the necessary steps in stopping this nuisance practice online for it is making users agitated when using mobile browsers for all their online convenience.

Just imagine this, you and your family is actually famished and is having difficulty in finding a food place who will cater your family’s appetite and preference, so you decided to go online your smartphone to look for a restaurant near your current location. There you are already found a plausible website with lists of restaurants only to find out that when you access it, you were brought to another website selling products online, a totally irrelevant result making you extremely frustrated. That is the same in convenience that Google wants to get rid of for all online users that utilizes the power of online browsers.

As per Google, such unruly practices are against the Google Webmaster Guidelines, and in order make sure the quality of search results of all netizens their Search Quality team shall take appropriate reprimanding to all web masters which includes total eradication of URL’s from their list of index.

Also, these may be caused by two things: sites may be displaying such redirects due to hacking, or the site owners are just intending to maliciously redirect its site visitors for profit. There are different ways though to detect if these are such activities happening in websites that is why Google is demanding for webmasters to thoroughly check if their site is clean if they want to be spared from possible penalties. Have you checked your site already?

Being part of the SEO community’s fastest growing institution we sympathize with Google in creating a user-friendly online browsing experience for everyone. Just as what the leading search engine company is doing, here in Local Top Rank we are continuously improving our products and services in order to provide interactive and dynamic solutions to all netizens online needs.

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