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Google’s AMP-Enabled Search Boosts Easy To Load Content!


In this blog article we would like to give you a brief introduction to the awesome development that Google made for us! Now, we may enjoy more convenient online searches using mobile browsers in our smart phones and other portable digital devices.

Google wishes to deliver online content to our mobile devices way faster than usual. Social media sites such as Twitter, alongside several other web publishers are now a part of the Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP Project, in support of this innovative change that Google initiated as part of the movement for a more-user friendly search. They say that this update is virtually similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles only that Google is going to use an open standard framework available for online contributors and publishers.

Furthermore, the major search engine company also wants to make reading on mobile faster and less stressful. So, as a result, the AMP project is born. This open source web initiative is like canapé where you can get all the good stuff, of every substantial article from contributors and publishers online in one tasteful quick bite in your mobile browser and have another serving of information instantly everywhere; like a tea party buffet for all your online searches made more efficient.

The service works like this: you search for something on Google using your phone, and the results show up automatically in a carousel, at the very top of the screen in less than a second! This is probably the fastest result going to be delivered by Google for mobile so far. Note though, that only AMP-enabled pages show up this way. Other “regular” results will show up the usual way (i.e. not in a carousel, and in just plain boring text). See the images below, courtesy of Search Engine Land.


This kind of online initiative brings excitement to every online soul who constantly dwell the interwebs, especially those who enjoy browsing their mobile devices. Here in Local Top Rank, as part of the ever competitive and groundbreaking SEO community, we are looking forward to give you further updates on this project so we may get all the juicy portions of this delectable news.

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