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HOTTEST GOOGLE NEWS TODAY: Google will start indexing HTTPS pages first!

Hottest Google News Today

Zineb Ait Bahajji has just announced that starting today, Google will be indexing HTTPS pages first before the HTTP version of a website. This means that if your website has two versions, the HTTPS will be the one that will be shown. Hence, to explain it further, when Google discovers two URLs from the same domain that appears to have the same content but different protocol schemes, they will give priority to show the HTTPS version first.

According to Search Engine Land, here are the following conditions:
  •  It doesn’t contain insecure dependencies.
  •  It isn’t blocked from crawling by robots.txt.
  •  It doesn’t redirect users to or through an insecure HTTP page.
  •  It doesn’t have a rel=”canonical” link to the HTTP page.
  •  It doesn’t contain a noindex robots meta tag.
  •  It doesn’t have on-host outlinks to HTTP URLs.
  •  The sitemap lists the HTTPS URL or doesn’t list the HTTP version of the URL.
  •  The server has a valid TLS certificate.

Given these list of conditions and changes, you might want to re-evaluate your current site (especially on the first item, as there are a lot of sites with insecure dependencies like images, videos, embeds, etc.) to make sure that its ranking remains the same, more so if you want it to improve – as this also provides an opportunity for everyone to overtake competitor sites with no HTTPS versions.

Aside from this, we can still expect further changes from Google in the coming year in line with their current efforts to make the internet a safer and more secure place.

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