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How ISIS Use Social Media Sites Like Instagram To Their Advantage

How Isis Use Social Media

We do not know if we are going glad or not that social media sites provides open and non-discriminating environment where people around the world may enjoy socializing online since recently we heard that the so called terrorist group ISIS and its sympathizers are widely using it to send message of filtered extremism as well as an avenue to recruit people to their cause. In of her current statements former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mentioned how effective their recruitment methods are with the use of social media and online video streaming. In her statement Clinton implores technology institutions to help out in measuring the group’s capacity to recruit and send their message of hate, as well as find a way in barring the terrorist group to use the social media and other online ventures for their disturbing works.

In relation to that a certain research study was done at George Washington University stating that although Twitter is the main social media site where the terrorist group widely felt, they make use of other social media site that are socially intimate such as Instagram as a tool for their propagation of their cause. Although compared to Twitter, ISIS utilizes Instagram casually, by posting pro-ISIS photos, memes, unlike what they usually post in their official online page that are mostly related to their terrorist activities. Most of their posts in Instagram is what would they call a version of their ordinary routine under ISIS’ are very casual (like a scrumptious image of their prepared food-for-the-day, a seemingly safe and carefree neighborhood from their windows, etc.) that you wouldn’t notice their post unless you’ll see a hashtag or some sort of Islamic symbolism in relation to the group.

Moreover, based on some findings of the research that most ISIS’ supposed sympathizers’ accounts shows some efforts of transforming the groups radical ideas into something ideal daily living. It seems that through their casual posts that the group’s radical ideology loses their extremist edge; as if that what they are doing promotes a state of utopia sending anyone who would sympathize to them some wort of natural belongingness proving the statement of Clinton to be true. After all the most effective way of attracting people to your cause no matter how good or sinister it is by touching the humanitarian aspect of it. Like a sugar coat in a candied fruit masking its rotten flesh.

Alarming as it seems the former Secretary of State and her fellow politicians are doing their best in finding a way in stopping ISIS’ online maneuver and that together with the social media platform they working on a way to ensure that any terrorist activity regardless of how discreetly or casually they appear that they are not going to flourish. Furthermore the social media platform has made some efforts in removing all posts that promote ISIS’ activities and that they will continue in doing so.

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