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It’s Here! The Magic Of The New Google 3-Pack

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Google has just recently performed a major update on their Google local business search results. Previously, Google will produce 7 search results after typing a keyword or a keyword phrase. However, the latest change has reduced these results to only three. It is totally understandable how business owners are feeling right now (especially those that were 4-7 in ranking in Google’s first page that got kicked-out of the list). Let us tell you in this post though, how this update is really profitable for more businesses than they expect.

So what’s with the change?

There are a number of reasons why Google decided to change their 7-pack results into its current results of three. One of the more obvious reasons is that those on numbers 4 to 7 just don’t get clicked that often – otherwise, why would they remove them in the first place? A second good reason could be the look and feel of the 3-pack on mobile because it fits perfectly on mobile devices! There may be other reasons, but Google hasn’t released an official statement about it.

Magic? What are you talking about? I GOT KICKED OUT!

Yes, we know that there would be negative effects in terms of number of calls received and potential customer inquiries on those businesses that were previously listed on the first page of local search results that has now disappeared, but we ask you to view the positive side of this update as well.

  1. More clicks. This update has removed the contact information of businesses on their 3-pack update. Just take a look at the image below:



Note how the phone numbers are not shown? Plus, the previous results show a business card or snippet upon clicking one of the search results. That was removed from the first page as well. This means three things in improving your click rate.

  • People would need to click more to get the phone number of the business that they are interested in. Clicking one of the ads would not show up the snippet as we’ve already mentioned, but would lead to a new search page that shows 20 results. Hence, it gives any one a better chance of being part of the search results on this new page and getting noticed.
  • The results get switched according to the searcher’s location. This means that even if your business is not part of the original seven results, it has a better chance of showing up on the top three now if your business is the closest to the searcher.
  • The fewer results give more space for the organic results to show up. Researches show that a lot of people still value organic results over the local search result. Apparently the public still value the organic over the others for fear of businesses that produce low quality service but spend on paid ads, as well as empty Google + profiles. Note how Google + links were removed as well?
  1. More trust. As mentioned above, there have been trust issues concerning Google local business search results in the past. This is also a valuable insight as to why the change was made. Therefore, Google is working hard to produce quality results coming from trustworthy local businesses. In line with this, office hours and customer reviews play a more valuable role in the game now. So, if you are a business owner consistently producing quality work, products, or services to your clients then this change should give you nothing to worry about!


  1. More profit. Finally, one of the good things that come with the update is the changes that didn’t come with it. It has absolutely no effect on current SEO. You don’t have to do any adjustments. You don’t have to worry about anything. Everything stays the way it is, except for the format change. So you continue the way you run things – now what? Expect for the additional revenue that comes with the additional online exposure that your business will have.


It’s true that the real results of this change is too early to gauge for now, but if there is one thing that we can assure you of, it is that we will always keep you updated with the latest SEO news, and that working with Local Top Rank’s SEO experts will ensure your business website’s top rank on search results no matter how many Google updates come into fruition.

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