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Looking For Holiday Parties? Facebook Launches Their Events Discovery!

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Are you looking for social gatherings to attend to during the holidays? Then you might want to sign-up for a Facebook account, as they launch their newest feature: Events Discovery!

Well, with the current number of Facebook nation, we won't be surprised if you are already a Facebook user. Given that, it wouldn't be a shock to know that you already know as well how helpful Facebook Events is. It can help you organize your event easily, getting RSVPs from your guests and disseminating important event info like time and place!

However, it can still fall short on some points - that is why they have recently decided to make huge adjustments starting with Events Discovery.

How Does It Work?

Well, it basically shows you all the available events in an area which makes it easier for you to see the location of all the events you're invited to as well as the events that you didn't know are currently happening! This is perfect for any event hopper and lover alike. It is also incredibly useful to find that pop-up bazaar that you just heard off but can't seem to find over the internet because of lack of info about the "when", and you only know about the "where". You are also not limited to the events happening within your own city, as you can view events happening in other locations as well. Finally, the app is designed in way that it makes you easily find a certain event as it is conveniently organized per category: for instance, fitness, music, and nightlife.

For now, Facebook Events is only available in 10 major cities in the US. But of course, we can expect it to expand further in time. Earlier adjustments in the events section of Facebook are Public Events showing up on people's news feeds. In the end, there are still much to improve on in that area, making us think here in Local Top Rank, that Facebook is still indeed a dormant volcano, with still a lot of possibilities ahead of it.

We only hope for more improvements in this social media giant. Whatever their line-up of future projects are, we will always keep you updated about it, and we'll make sure that our clients are always in the loop too - taking advantage of the positive effects of these new advancements on their social media marketing and general online presence!

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