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Mobile-Ready Website For You Made Possible by Local Top Rank

We Are Ready For A Mobile-Ready Website!


Google announced that they will be favoring websites that are mobile-ready in their search rankings. This has been brought upon by the results of a research stating that most sales done online and offline were made by consumers who first browsed the internet about the product through their mobile web browser prior to finally purchasing the item. The result isn’t surprising since many digital devices have allowed internet users to stay connected online wherever they are. Hence, in response to the needs of internet users, websites that allows visitors to easily access them via tablets, smart phones, and other gadgets, are now being favored- encouraging more website developers to fashion mobile-ready sites.

To answer the demand for mobile website optimization, Local Top Rank released one of their newest services yet. For only $29.99 per month you can upgrade as well as maintain your site into a mobile-ready website.

Business owners who are meaning to utilize the great World Wide Web to maximize profits may now enjoy the latest services of Local Top Rank. The company is now offering mobile packages, starting with the Basic Mobile. This package includes a mobile website with five to seven pages, customized logos and branding from their expert graphics team to further the site’s appeal, an image gallery, a mobile coupon, an online sign-up form (this is a must for ALL business websites in order to gain orders and leads), QR codes, and an hour of training – so the owner himself may understand the ins and outs of his own site. If the page number is not enough, clients just need to request for extra pages as needed, for an additional charge. Or better yet, opt for the Premium Mobile Package that allows unlimited pages and marketing strategies.

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