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More Powerful Mobile: App SEO And More in 2016!


Mobile browsers online traffic has already dominated all searches online, and it appears that their ascension is getting more consistent as time passes. It has been apparent the throughout the years SEO’s and online marketers have been pushing for the significance of mobile optimization of websites. Recently, getting a website that is interactive and fashionably clear on mobile devices became a must. It is a result of Google’s initiative for the mobile movement update posted way back April of this year which means to strengthen their stand for mobile optimization as well as reprimanding any website that haven’t employed these functionalities. However, the mobile movement’s influence doesn’t stop there; a new form of SEO is starting to manifest itself, a type of SEO that further strengthens the importance and use of mobile browsing - App SEO or App-based SEO. App SEO is already present, and yet it still provides you an opportunity to employ further SEO techniques like app “deep-linking” (more on this later).

In relation to that innovation, app indexing is already becoming apparent. Starting just recently, meaning these past few years, performing a search on Google using your browser would return a search result with an app or two among them. And to support this endeavor even further, Google is continuing development of easier app search with the search engine company producing application deep linking capabilities.

What is Deep-Linking?



Deep-linking, as a quick refresher, is a feature that provides you a link from the search result to a specific page “deep inside” the site and not to the home page. This is more or less the same thing when it comes to app deep-linking.  App deep-linking lets you access different applications on your mobile or portable digital devices and be instantly redirected to a section and/or application interface inside your app.

So basically, if you will search for anything that could be answered by your application’s specific interface, Google will help you get a result that will motivate you to install a mechanism in your app which will take you to the most relevant part within it. Furthermore, application deep links will make you in control, and promote the competitive ranking of your app.

What is in store for next year?

Well, there is still a potential for it to change or improve in 2016. However if there is something that would be constant with this innovation is that it will set a bench mark in the field of SEO as well as generate a new ground breaking influence to the mobile movement.

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