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New Penguin Algorithm Update Will Be Launched In 2016


As per Google webmasters and SEO experts should be a bit more patient, since it appears that the New Penguin Algorithm Update might be released in 2016. It is a known fact that the entire online community and SEO companies are a bit excited about the major search engine company’s upcoming update in their Penguin Algorithm.

But on a lighter note, the major search engine informs us that the upcoming Penguin improvement is going to be functioning real-time. Meaning as soon as it notice your website’s links, regardless if they are good or null, the so-called new Penguin algorithm shall evaluate the links that shall therefore apply the necessary changes in your site’s ranking immediately. Furthermore, Google promised that Penguin shall regularly perform updates, unlike before that it would take a year or more in order for the search engine company to update it. So expect a more intellectually robust Penguin yet.

As part of the competitive and growing SEO community we would like to reach out to our fellow webmasters, publishers, and SEO companies to join us in waiting patiently for the update to be applied next year. We shall keep you on the loop of the upcoming news about the new Penguin algorithm update. Until our next blog post! Happy Holidays!

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