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UI / UX Design

What are the features included in the UI / UX Design Options? (This service starts at $499)?

  • Grid-Base Layout – a grid-based layout means that your website will be very organized and that all the elements will be strategically placed in an order that will direct your visitors where to look and what element to look at next. All the sites that we prepare this way are carefully studied and discussed by our web developers and graphic designers to come up with the best layout suited for your business.
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 – This is how your website is going to be coded.
  • Responsive Design - A site’s responsiveness means that it adapts to different browser sizes including those of different digital devices like smart phones and tablets.
  • Using SASS Concept – This feature makes sure that your CSS allow options that are not yet on CSS like variables, mixins, and many more!
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