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SAPE Back From The Grave? Google Subtly Penalizing The Underground Link Network

sape back from the grave

Didn’t Google just reprimand SAPE? It appears that one by one SEO community’s so called “Black Hats” are being gravely penalized by the top search engine company once again. It seems that amongst black hat SEO discussions they have expressed that all their website rankings have drastically dropped rapidly.

Fishing Out SAPE Or Penguin Hunting Spree

It seems like the incident way back March 2013 where in the underground linking network SAPE got penalized by Google is happening again. The underground link got what they deserve but was believed to have restored their structure and rampantly develop a more elaborate link network that are being utilized today by numerous sneaky link builders. It is a bit uncertain if Google’s recent activity is specifically targeting the SAPE come-again link network or is it just randomly incinerating illegal link networks out there, since there are no specific statement that the search engine company announced regarding this matter.

However, it might be just an after effect of the strict execution of the promised penalty that Google shall exact to SEO professionals and/or webmasters that have constantly violating the standards for an honest linking online. Or maybe this action that made by Google must be their answer to all hacked sites/spams that are still plaguing their algorithm, or a debut of the possible sample of what their new Penguin update’s prowess against “Black Hat” practitioners.

Either way, it is high time that link schemers to find another way of protecting their hide or they should try to fight like a real man and wear a white hat. With this post we solemnly implore all webmasters and SEO’s out there to be more responsible in every action that they make online; because it doesn’t mean that you can it means that you must make dirty tricks to keep your sites on top.

Local Top Rank we’ll keep a vigilant watch about any progress about this matter, as always, we will keep you noted about them as soon as we can. Cheerio mates!

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