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SEO: On-Page VS. Off-Page Revealed


Getting your business to reach the heights of online ranking is something that any business entity or company with websites looks for. We all seek a steady growth or at least if we are already on the top of every search results we ensure that we stay on top receiving the most sought for pedestal for online presence. In order for us to get that kind favor from search engines we need to employ a very effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO technique in order for us to do it effectively. What SEO does is it synchronizes the coding and your website’s contents upon the algorithm of search engines to ensure a potent relevance of your site to particular search results in relation to your site. SEO therefore boosts your websites presence with rewarding results; however it is also expected that your competitors will use the same mechanism since it is the best way to get themselves ranked as well, getting them a very good placement online. In this light, each SEO expert uses diverse ways or techniques in administering an excellent placement for each websites, in order for us to be more enlightened upon the nature on how this SEO techniques are utilize we believe that it is high time that we discuss the two categories of SEO which are – On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO


On-page SEO as the name implies is an SEO maneuver where in you apply an SEO technique on your actual site and on you blog articles. It is actually a technique that is well utilized by most SEO experts to rank websites effectively. On-page SEO makes use of keywords and phrases wherein search engines inspects its frequency while weighing its efficiency/relevance upon a site’s contents in order to place them upon their search results accordingly. Search engine companies such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo repel websites that uses too many keywords/keyword phrases since it produces confusion upon their system’s algorithm. So in order for you to make use of On-page SEO effectively you must consider to pick and choose your keywords as well as you need to ensure that you make it consistent. Test each keyword that you might consider to use and see its popularity, and from there find a way to effectively employ it upon your website’s contents then expect a better result in no time.

Off-Page SEO


Just like On-page SEO technique, Off-page SEO also utilizes keywords and keyword phrases but as its name suggests it utilizes a different platform instead of your website. Off-page SEO strategy is mostly used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn to better promote your website (services, products, information) upon the online community so they may share and propagate everything  that you post. Since it also make use of keywords and phrases, make sure that you are intelligently applying it in all your post and avoid overcrowding your contents too many keywords. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Make it healthy to look at.

Local Top Rank as an SEO Company make use of this SEO techniques to better optimize our clients site and so far our clients get their site on the pedestal of Google’s search result. If you want to get the same edge on your completion, subscribe to our services and we’ll do the rest for you. Happy browsing mates! Cheerio!

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