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SEO Or SEM? That Is The Real Question


In a way, it is safe to say that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO refers to formatting a website’s coding and content so that search engines will be able to locate the website easier. SEO, when done right, gives any site an opportunity to be on the first page of Google search, without spending anything. SEM, on the other hand, goes beyond SEO because SEM also involves paid advertising.

SEO vs. SEM: How do they differ?

SEM is a bit more generic than what SEO is. SEM covers all the choices available, (both free and paid), in order to utilize the search engine technology. Most of the time, SEM is used to define acts that are linked with researching and positioning your website within a search engine environment. Hence, here are the processes under the SEM’s umbrella: search engine optimization, search engine related assistance, and as mentioned above, paid advertisement that will definitely improve your website’s exposure.

Getting your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Local Top Rank

It is already a well-known fact that SEO is a very competitive business. There is still a huge possibility that a certain website will rank lower despite the different optimization techniques used by the website’s content manager and website developer. When SEO still fails, the next best thing to do is to invest on search engine marketing – and that is exactly what the company provides. Local Top Rank offers Search Engine Marketing services at affordable prices.

The reason behind this new service being provided by Local Top Rank is to cater to the dynamic needs of all the company’s clients. Aside from SEM services, the company also creates SEO-friendly and mobile-ready websites starting at $49 per setup.

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