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Sites Using Obscure Mobile Traffic Networks Beware!


Google the leading search engine company online informs the entire online community that they are actively operating on identifying as well as castigating websites that employs deceptive mobile traffic networks bringing distortion amongst the synergy of searches and the entire mobile browser experience of online users. Just recently the major search engine company already warned all webmasters in relation to the utilization of sly mobile redirects, regardless if it is intentional or not.

Furthermore, Andrew Lippattsev the search engine company’s Search Quality Senior Strategist mentioned in last week’s Google hangout that his team of specialists is particularly working on discovering as well as taking the appropriate response against mobile-related traffic networks that sends netizens from one website to another website that results in drastic damages on netizen’s user experience thru mobile and in some cases distorting the quality of relevant searches online.

According to Andrew this current online issue that his team is currently resolving is something that he is intimately attuned to, and that his team is closely working with him in catching those mobile-related traffic nuisances that deliberately lead users into layer upon layer of irrelevant webpages/sites to their search. Moreover, he also mentioned that there are webmasters and online publishers that still rampantly use these supposed obscure network scheme for the purpose of generating profits on the side.

These practices must not be tolerated, and just like Google, here in Local Top Rank we endeavor in helping our clientele to get the best possible way of getting the online presence that they need without resorting to such sneaky schemes, and that we do not condone ill-gotten methods. The purpose of this blog article is to call upon our fellow webmasters, SEO companies, and online publishers to start cleaning up their acts and avoid resorting to such annoying acts since we are all part of the same online community. Besides we all use the World Wide Web for our own conveniences.

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