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Social Media Trend That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 3

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There are tons of social media platforms out there but what most of us do not know that aside from the famous ones such as Facebook and Twitter there are others who might outgrew them due to their growing popularity actually two of those three social media platforms that we shall discuss in this blog have already exceed Twitter by popularity – WhatsApp, Instagram, and the third one is Snapchat which is like its predecessors is also started to grow its popularity.

But the question still remains, what is the relevance of these social media platforms in disseminating information to the masses? Well through this blog Article we shall briefly expound on their nature in order to answer the question. With no further ado let us move forward and discuss it

Whatsapp, Instagram, and SnapChat Social Media Platforms To Look Out For
Social Media as was mentioned in the previous posts are undeniably useful in propagating useful facts and current trends that every individual should have. Considering its use every businesses, broadcasting companies, and even the government must utilize it with utmost tenacity since most people nowadays is connected to every social media platforms on a regular basis. However, if you want to be effective in utilizing it you must choose what particular social media platforms to make use of. And based on research and rankings of several outstanding social media platforms out there we have seen 3 of them that are fresh and budding where public communicators should consider of having an account set-up with – Whatsapp, Instagram, and SnapChat.

According to statistics Whatsapp is now considered as the second largest social media network globally after Facebook amounting to over 900 million active netizens and is expected to reach a billion by next years. Just like Whatsapp, Instagram have already outgrew Twitter in the rankings since they have acquired 400 million netizens and is increasingly getting a reputation of being a hashtag utopia. SnapChat on the other hand is used by approximately over 30-40% of millennial netizens in the United States, although they have a hundred million netizens hooked to it, the fact that most of the new generation is using it the potential for its growth is humongous.

Therefore, based on this information we can safely declare that tis three social media networks deserve every public communicator’s attention if they want to perform a new form of effective distribution of information. Until next time! Cheerio!

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