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Social Media Trends That Public Communicators Should Look Into Part 1

Many people enjoyed the perks of setting up a social media account, but what most netizens do not know is that social media platforms stores lots of potential uses that our masses may benefit. In this blog article Local Top Rank Wants to tackle a specific social media trend where our public communicators may utilize for an effective way of reaching every individual that is part of the government that they serve through dissemination of information or even Broadcasters that work in the mass communication industry.


Social Media’s Live Video

Social Media as its reputation suggests, is in some way an avenue of instant connection to any person. However, through its current live streaming capability that was recently launched by many social media platforms, pave way to the evolution of its definition into a new level in the online community. Some examples of social media platforms that employ live streaming or live video are Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, YouNow, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Public communicators of all caliber in different parts of the world should consider or at least acknowledge the need in finding a fresh and more efficient way of incorporating live streaming into their digital or public information efforts. Through social media’s live video or streaming they may be able to employ a good place to start; they may use the momentum of every netizen’s contents in spreading the news throughout the world wide web especially when you have already spread your man power to do specific tasks and that they cannot spare other man-power to do the job for them.

By having this kind of strategy, public communicators may increase their productivity as well as their ability to set-up their live coverage. After all if they want to reach the masses in a more intimate manner then they might want to use an approach on a different angle.

By the way we’ll present more social media trends on the next post. Cheerio!

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