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The Fight Is On! Google VS. Hacked Spams And Other Online Nuisances


Since the dawn of the internet hacking and hacked sites have been a common affliction on the World Wide Web. It is those brilliant buggers that had been corrupting our searches and even our very own private space online, making it a recurring problem for Google since majority of anything online involve their search engine together with their other applications. In this light, earlier this year, Sophos, one of the leading information technology security company in the industry had diligently informed the online community of their notification of Google about the thousands of top-ranking pretentious PDF files on apparently hacked websites.

Based on a review made by the top search engine company, they have deduced that hacked sites were one of the most usual causes of discrepancies online, and in order to answer this problem Google have launched a help center for the poor victims of hackers that are still online today.

Google feels that the time has come to treat this dreadful anomaly, therefore their launching of a new and updated algorithm that is programmed to track down hacked spams in their search results. They are now going to be fiercely shooting down hacked spam in order to defend online users as well as webmasters for that matter. Moreover their system’s algorithm update shall hopefully impact around 5% of queries; of course it is going to be depending upon the language used for it. As the search engine company sort out their new algorithms, netizens may notice that for certain searches, only the highly relevant ones are going to be shown which entails huge reduction of results.


Furthermore, in connection to the enormous colony-like number of hacked spam removed, they are hoping for an improvement soon. Google also invites webmasters, programmers, and even online publishers to express their opinion about the matter on hand and if they wish they can also propagate this news just like what we are doing here in Local Top Rank, because like Google we feel that everyone should be informed of any updates that are going to be applied online as well as the reason for these changes.

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