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The Latest: Handsome New Face Of Google Revealed


Just recently, Google, the leading search engine company has announced the launch of their parent company, Alphabet. While all we heard from Alphabet’s new CEO Larry Page is an open letter at Alphabet’s brand-spanking URL: abc.xyz, we never heard anything else about other changes. Though we cannot deny that a lot of us have already half-expected updates from Google following the new company set-up.

And now, we’re beginning to see these changes, starting with the company’s brand: Google has changed their logo and announced that they are also going to update the look of their mobile search results page along with their “Now” cards (updates that show when you open Google on your phone). Even their Google App home page in Android devices has been also set up to date so you can see tons of images, news, videos and many more related contents, by simply swapping and tapping the contents.


Google also mentioned that their “Now” cards is going to be organized based on their category so all online users will be able to find the items that they are looking for a lot easier. And as the time passes the Now cards will shift to display only what’s relevant to your search.

Behind the Many Changes

Google says that all the updates are part of their much elaborate rebranding efforts. Their new logo shall be applied to all Google’s icons throughout all online platforms. This is in line with the dawn of the new “Alphabet” era. To learn more about the Google’s new parent company, Alphabet, click here.

Aside from what Google has already launched, we at Local Top Rank, are pretty sure that we’re going to see more updates in the following months. Don’t worry though, we’ll surely keep you guys updated, especially our own clients if they release a new algo update.

Other Giants In The Field

It’s not only Google who’s gone through much rebranding. Time has proven the similar change on other internet leaders like Twitter and Apple. See images below.


Note how it’s not only the overall logo that has changed? But with the different elements as well: from Larry the bird, the text, the text AND Larry, up to the present where it’s just the bird. Twitter says: “Twitter is the bird, and the bird is Twitter”.


Finally, and probably more on the drastic side of logo changes, we see the complete change of the Apple logo from its very first way back in 1976, to its present one.

Alas, a logo change is truly vital to any company because it marks the changes of its brand, and its evolution.

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