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Two Ways To Use Pinterest As A Powerful SEO Tool


Pinterest is becoming one of the most popular online bookmarking sites, however, do you also know that you can use it as an effective keyword research tool? Sure you can use your usual methods – Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc. but you still cannot undermine the fact the numbers that Pinterest attract and deliver.

So, without any further ado, here are two effective steps in using Pinterest as an SEO tool. All this just requires a regular user account.

1. Pinterest Basic Search. Upon logging in, the wide search bar is what will welcome you on top of your recommended pins for the day. As you type, Pinterest will suggest different search terms for you to use – and these terms are trending keywords, nothing less! For instance, in the image below, I will search for the terms “Christmas gifts”. Let’s pretend that I’m doing a keyword research for an ecommerce site that sells…well, Christmas gifts.


Notice the terms that it suggests? Apparently we can expect a lot of DIY gifts for Christmas this year.


Just typing in an additional word delivered more keywords. And you’ve guessed it, as you type more key terms, it becomes a long-tail keyword phrase paradise in there.


2. Pinterest Guided Search, another neat tool that Pinterest has developed. This tool is originally intended to make the site more mobile-friendly but it has proved to be a very useful tool for keyword researching as well.  This produces related search keyword terms, just under the search bar.


Now, onto the fun part. We have learned this trick over at Search Engine Land. In order to make the most out of the Guided Search bar, what you can do is to place your cursor at the beginning of the list and drag it in a way that it should highlight the terms. Go all the way to the right side of the screen. You won’t believe how much keywords are hidden! Copy that, open a word document and paste as text. You will get something like this:


Next, hit Ctrl+H to open up the search and replace window. Replace all Search for ‘ and replace it all with  ^p.


It would now look something like this:


Now, hit the same keys again but this time, replace ‘ with ^t^t. Like so:


The document will now look like this:

Now hit Ctrl+A to select all, then click on Insert, select Table, then click on Convert Text to Table. Set it like so:


It will now make the document look this way:


Now take a look. The first column is the semantically related phrase. The second column just gives us a breather (you can remove it if you want), and finally the third column are the keywords.

What we love about this list is that it provides us more insight compared to Google Keyword Planner. How? Well, it doesn’t just return us the search terms that the netizens look for, it also gives us an idea of how the people think: “handmade christmas gifts” and “christmas gifts in a jar” tells us their current preference and how the keyword “Christmas gifts” fit into their lives.

Want more SEO tips? Then no problem! Just stay tuned to our blog, and we’ll regularly keep you posted on the latest techniques to improve your search engine optimization.

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