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Why Is Having A Brand And Logo Important?



Patron of the Valiant Art is by Steve Argyle, artist from Wizards of the Coast.


These excerpts are perfect examples on what a good logo and branding does to certain entities that they represent. Logo and Brand (in this case sigil/coat of arm and house words) serves as an epitome of the values, history, struggles, inspiration, aspiration, in essence everything that has to do with your identity. For the movers and shakers of the old world they plant their flags with their sigil on every corner of their territory as well as in their annexes in order to determine the scope of their power and sovereignty, and sow their reputation to every living soul that encounters their moniker; there are even times that people tremble in awe upon gazing or even hearing about the whereabouts of an individual brandishing their sigil. You can already imagine that when they all meet in certain place it would instantly turn into a festival of flags, almost like a zoo for most of sigils are consisted of mighty predators or cunning beasts which represents them.

Throughout the history having a good logo and branding strategy has become one of the most effective ways for people to remember ones identity. It is time tested maneuver that never fails; even a toddler would giggle up just by glimpsing at the logo of their favorite fast food in a TV commercial. It is important for businesses to get an efficient logo and branding strategy for it serves as your company’s flag bearer and pioneer to all your marketing efforts, both online and offline. Local Top Rank acknowledges its vital role for their clientele so they have included amongst their vast array of services the establishment of Logo and Branding. With the help of our team of creative minds from our graphic department and content team we will help you get the most exact face that shall represent your company out there.

For a reasonable price of $79 we will employ only the most impressive use of different visual elements, from smart use of colors, branding, and balanced design. Just give us detailed information of how you want your logo to look like as well as the specific elements of your business that you wanted to manifest upon it.

Sigils tell the story of house’s prowess. How would you like us to tell yours?

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