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“YouTube Voice” A Powerful Tool For An Effective Video Campaign Online


Good day Chaps! As part of our celebration of the holiday season, we have endeavored in finding useful facts that can serve as empowerment of your current and future online ventures. Tso far in our search we found a very interesting topic that most of us are not aware of. It is the so called linguistics that is being applied in one of the famous social media platform YouTube, which attracts lots of views and are therefore utilized most handsomely by most netizens and business owners. In this blog post we wish to present to you some of the mechanism of the so called “YouTube Voice” as an effective way of improving anyone’s video campaign online, that you may also try to apply in your own or video-based discussions online in the future. With no further ado let us go ahead and delve further on this tasteful topic.

YouTube as we are all ware of functions as a creative infusion of social media and collection of diverse genres of videos. Throughout the years of their existence online they have proven to be a very efficient tool of propagating information to the world, what’s made it more effective is that due to their popularity they have enabled Youtube personalities as well as starting video mongers to create their own YouTube Channel which made it easier for netizens to find and get hooked with their favorite genre of videos.

But ultimately before anyone can have a successful video campaign online with YouTube, one must have fruitful preparation, knowledge on what they have to post, and most importantly one must have way with the camera; after all talking in front of the camera is not an easy task since you need to find a way to capture your audience’ attention through a very limited space and time. The purpose of this article is to show you tips on how you can capture your viewers with some simple linguistics and performance art on cam, making your video campaigns better and hassle-free. We guarantee its effectivity since the techniques that we are going to share are used by successful YouTubers and YouTube sensations.

Overemphasized Vowels And Consonants
Use this technique in exerting emphasis on certain points that you want your audience to pick up or focused on. It is a time tested skill that theatre professional use in order to capture the attention of their audience even from the farthest part of the theatre. What they do aside form modulating their voice is that they stress on particular vowels, consonants, and sounds produced from words that are usually neutral in our daily conversation. This technique can also be used not only in doing video productions but also doing public speeches.

Changing Of Pace
This is considered as sub or by product of overemphasize of words and word sounds. Through a masterfully delivered emphasize of sounds you will feel a sudden space for manipulation of pacing for the purpose of producing a very engaging atmosphere. You can commonly observed this from journalists and entertainers who can use the slowing down and acceleration of word delivery in order to convey the exact emotion or thought that they are imparting.

Large Movements
Lastly, and probably the most important element of “Youtube Voice” is utilization of large movements. Why is it important? Well for starters, by using large movements within the limits of a camera you are creating 3-dimensional effect in a 2-d medium; through such movements you can stress on the things that you want to emphasize on, therefore making it easier to understand. Remember that communication cannot be done by words alone, and that a large portion of an effective communication is made through non-verbal delivery. By using this technique you are making a rather flat medium way more dynamic.

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